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Four Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms on the Rise

Written by Chip Bryson

November 15, 2019

CK Mack is a crowdsourcing platform that specializes in real estate. CK Mack is a simple platform where it allows you to invest with an extremely low startup price. CK Mack allows you to invest in real estate without all the work and hassle of directly owning a property. The properties that they offer allow potential viewers to see the details and percentages of ROI before investing. They take care of all the work that comes with investing in real estate such as tenant screening, acquisition and property management. They also handle all the fees and taxes so the investors won’t have to do anything. Investing with CKMack is extremely simple all you need to do is signup and invest a minimum of only $25 on a property. CKMack will then pay you your shares on a monthly basis. CK Mack also has a blog dedicated to improve the knowledge of investors.

Small Change

Another crowdsourcing platform that specializes in real estate is The company allows you to invest in really good neighborhoods as they offer a Change Index which takes all the data of the area, such as bike routes, area of green space, public transit access, and the measure of quality of life. The properties need to score at least 60% or above to be listed on Small Change, this makes sure of good investing choices. Small Change is not just for investors as it also allows people to list projects and offerings that other people can fund. Small change also offers a learning program where you can learn about investing. The company also offers educational videos that covers all kinds of topics on investing. They also offer real news and statistics about properties and neighborhoods that are doing well. They will also teach you what kinds of properties to invest in.

Ground Floor

Investing with Groundfloor will yield you over 10% income annually on average. Groundfloor is a platform that is opened to everyone, it’s open to investors that just started, not only to accredited investors. Groundfloor offers a variety of different kind of loans at different grades. They offer loans from 5% to 25%, giving you the choice in choosing you own loans. The loans offered by Groundfloor is also short term, so you don’t have to stay in the loan for years. The loans generally have a 6-12 month term. Groundfloor makes it real easy for beginner investors to start investing as they offer loans from $75,000 to $2,000,000. They also dedicated manager for business development and a skilled and experienced team for asset management. Investing in Groundfloor is also secure as their loans are secured by underlying real estate asset.

Peer Realty

Peer Realty is premier real estate crowdsourcing platform. It allows you to gain access to high quality opportunities with the top developers. Peer Realty allows investors to invest in high quality real estate with their most reputable developers. Through their platform, investors are allowed to review investment offerings, sign legal documents online, and transfer funds for the investment. Peer Realty also has a network of high quality sponsors and partnerships, which allows for more opportunities for quality real estate transactions. Peer Realty offers all asset types and up to 90% of equity. Peer Realty has over 50 years of experience and $1 billion in past projects. They also offer full service investor relations and support. Pear Realty is a reputable company that has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, and many more.

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